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Lose Fat, Gain Muscle & Build Health.

Private studio, Meopham, Kent.

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Hi, I'm Joe, I'm a Level 4 weight management specialist personal trainer, health coach & sports massage therapist. I help people lose fat, gain muscle & build healthLike many of you, I ended up here due to my own struggles with my health and happiness. I was forced to quit my job as a police officer; a job I had worked so hard to get. I've experienced first hand how it feels to have your health slip away from you. Thankfully I retook control, learning a few simple hard truths along my journey, and I now spend my time helping people transform their lives, and re-take control of their health, weight and happiness.


Before you move on to watch my videos or read my blog, I'd like to dispel 3 health & fitness MYTHS.


MYTH#1 - Weight-loss requires starvation. 
This is is the quickest step towards failure. If you try to starve your weight off your body will fight back... with interest. You'll likely re-gain more weight with a quick FAD diet and end up worse than when you started. It is NOT a requirement to starve to lose weight!

MYTH#2 - Health & Fitness should be a struggle.

This is not the case. You will need to make changes to daily habits and lifestyle... this equation has brought you here in the first place. BUT you need to enjoy the journey, and that's why I'm here. To support you through long-term change :).

MYTH#3 - Weight-loss requires hours in the gym.
My biggest frustration. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SPEND HOURS IN THE GYM TO LOSE WEIGHT. If you're that hamster on the wheel hitting the gym 5 days a week... STOP. There's a more enjoyable, easier, more sustainable way.

Before you move on, I'd like to ask you one more thing. How different would your life be if you reached your physique goals? Health? Career? Relationships?

Picture it. Feel it, and hold onto it.  

Now you can move on and explore my blog, videos and book-in for a chat with me! Let's change your life together.


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