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What is a nutritional therapist?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

This is the question I have been asked on numerous occasions, so wanted to use today's post to clarify.

In simplistic terms, a Nutritional Therapist will work with a healthy individual in order to prevent disease or with a sick individual to ease and minimise symptoms of a medical condition or developed disease.

Nutritional Therapists recognise that every person is unique and will have an individual protocol for each person treated. The personalised programme will be formalised to ensure that the diew addresses any nutrient deficiencies and contains all of the essential components to address to issue.

Nutritional Therapist play an important role in:

  • The identification of nutritional deficiencies

  • The improvement of Health symptoms

  • The optimisation of good health

Nutritional Therapy complements medical conditions being treated by your GP or Doctor.

In the next post, we will address the role of food and its impact on your DNA.

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