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Free radicals and antioxidants

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

As we noted last time out, the way we can change our gene expression is by changing the environment that our genes bathe in. Genetic expression is changed by epigenetic tags - such as methyl tags. By putting these tags on or by taking them off, you can activate or supress the expression of your genes.

One cause of faulty methylation is damage caused by free radicals or oxidants - molecules that are constantly being created in our bodies as well as being generated within the environment by sources such as toxins, pollution, fried food, poor diet and smoking cigarettes.

leave an apple half eaten and the core soon goes brown - this is a form of oxidation, the same with a nail rusting. As an antidote to cell damage caused by oxidation our bodies neutralise them by creating antioxidants. We also obtain antioxidants from our food - vitamins, A,C and E. An imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants can disrupt the methylation process, sometimes causing cancer.

The key to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer is to enrich your DNA mechanisms with anti-oxidants from foods as well as a hlistic functional lifestyle - which we promote at TAWC.

Some of the most damaging toxins in the environment come from pesticides as well as chemicals emitted from factories and industrial estates. A number of carcinogenic chemicals are in widespread use such as detergents, oils, toiletries and paints.

Most health experts with tell you what to eat without reference to your age, gender, size, constitution, lifestyle etc. The problem is that we are all unique, what works for you, may not work for me due to genetic differences. Here at TAWC, we will tailor a program to suit you as an individual following a detailed consultation.

Want to know more? Are you optimising your nutrition to improve your health ? Do you undertake a holistic functional lifestyle? Let us know at TAWC.

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