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Green Smoothie

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A popular practice I undertake with clients at the start of the day is a nutritious green smoothie, full of healthy, leafy greens and other veggies as well as healthy fats such as coconut milk and avocado – this does not need to be an expensive off the shelf variety but can be made from green off-cuts such as broccoli stalks or the outside of your cabbage from last evenings meal. We get you an intake of concentrated anti-oxidants (covered previously on the blog) as well as essential micro nutrients first thing in the morning to help boost your mood and increase those all important plant foods.

By slowly changing from the standard, grains and milk in the morning to a more nutritious smoothie we also remove a couple of foods that are known allergens – gluten and dairy as well as a reduction in the carbohydrate laden standard breakfast consumed by the majority of the population.

Try moving away from your toast, cereal and orange juice first thing in the morning and instead move to the nutritious green smoothie – help reduce the number of carbohydrates, see an increase in nutrient density and reduction in belly fat ! Whats to lose?

Let us help and advise on your lifestyle – be consistent and take back control of your health and lifestyle.

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