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Eat Plants and Animals

Today we go back to basics and I will share with you my thoughts on simplistic eating that I prescribe to my clients. Plants and animals encompass everything our ancestors ate in order to obtain their macros – protein, carbohydrate and fat, as well as the micros – vitamins and minerals, water, antioxidants, fibre, polyphenols and other nutrients necessary to sustain and enhance life, improve the immune function, supporting fitness and general health.

I focus and support my clients on consuming quality sources of animal protein – local organic sources of meat, fowl, fish and eggs, a large assortments of colourful vegetables (eat the rainbow – not skittles!) and in-season local fruits and berries, as well as healthy sources of fat (animal fat, butter, olive oil, coconut products, nuts and seeds).

We humans thrive on a diverse eating regimen containing nutritious and satisfying foods noted above – this is one of the great pleasures in life that should be enjoyed and not seen as a stressful event, undertaken at specific intervals throughout the day. We should eat when we are hungry and finish when full – the foods I will discuss with you are intrinsically delicious, satisfying and will reduce cravings and allow you to reduce bodyfat in a sustainable manner.

You owe it to your long term health - Whats to lose?

Let us help and advise on your lifestyle – be consistent and take back control of your health and lifestyle.

Was this information useful ? Are you optimizing your nutrition exercise and lifestyle to improve your health ? Do you undertake a holistic functional lifestyle ? Let us know – its good to TAWC.

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