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Updated: May 26, 2019

Hopefully you will have seen my recent video regarding Cortisol and its effect on the body so thought we would include some words on the topic in this weeks post.

Cortisol is a hormone that helps regulate metabolism and support the body in its response to stress. During a stressful survival moment, the correct amounts of cortisol released into the body can be life saving as its affects help maintain a stable blood pressure.

Cortisol is released into the bloodstream during times of stress. Our ancestors viewed stress as being chased by a sabre tooth or trying to find food/shelter during winter months, hopefully just a brief interlude to daily life, very different from the world we live in today where stress is constantly overwhelming – bills to pay, job to hold down, pressure from the technology we use daily – keeping us in a constantly alert state!

The issue with remaining in an alert state is that our adrenals will be continually activated and over a prolonged period time could lead to burn out leading to serious implications for the body and mental health.

Prolonged elevated cortisol levels during a persistent state of stress can comprise our immune system, increase our blood pressure and in turn lead to serious mental and physical health problems. Understanding cortisol, its effect on the body and how you may be compromised is key to weight loss. Taking some ‘down time’, recharging your batteries and using mindfulness, meditation as part of a holistic approach to life will help address any cortisol imbalances over time.

Was this information useful ? Are you optimising your nutrition exercise and lifestyle to improve your health ? Do you undertake a holistic functional lifestyle ?

Let me know – its good to TAWC.

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