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Keto ... Fact or FAD?

Good Monday morning!

As promised last week, today we are looking at the signs of ketosis and how it helps us burn body-fat.

This state of metabolism has been popularised as an effective way to lose weight and improve health markers. A natural whole foods diet will see you naturally dip into and out of ketosis, using the state as it's evolved to be used. Unfortunately is has been construed as a quick weight-loss tactic and a bit of a 'FAD' in the media. This has led to influencers even promoting 'dirty keto' … the thought that any fat goes good or bad! It should be noted that bad fats cause havoc on the body's metabolism … and natural fat should always be included in its healthy unaltered state.

Having said that, Ketosis remains a powerful weight-loss and health promoting tool when used correctly!

The ketogenic diet 'Keto', utilises a low carb, high fat approach will raise blood ketone levels and allow them to be used as a fuel source for the bodies cells. Your body increases it's breakdown of stored fats and lowers insulin levels - a positive health marker. As this happens, the liver produces high numbers of ketones to supply energy for the brain.

There are a number of signs which tell us we are in ketosis:

1) Bad breath: A very common side effect of elevated ketone levels - due to acetone, a ketone that exists in both the breath and urine. Keep brushing your teeth, and this will disappear as the body becomes more efficient at using ketones instead of secreting them :-)

2) Quick Water/ Weight-loss: This can occur quickly due to the loss of stored carbs and water in the first week, a consistent level of fat loss should continue as long as you stick to the new eating pattern.

3) Increase ketones in the blood: this is due to a reduction in blood sugar levels (remember, this is a good health marker) and an increase in ketones. You can buy ketosticks to test!

4) Suppressed appetite: Decreased hunger in the ketogenic state … your body has tapped into a huge fuel source … your body-fat!

5) Increased energy: Ketones are an important source of fuel for the brain, once the brain starts burning ketones instead of glucose (from carbohydrates) then people have reported increased mental focus and energy. The key is this fuel is constantly available … not in peaks from large carb based meals leading to crashes!

Being in ketosis has been shown to have powerful benefits for certain groups, such as people with obesity or type 2 diabetes and children with epilepsy. Additionally, it should be noted that while getting into ketosis has obvious benefits for some people, it is definitely not for everyone.When on a whole foods diet … it's a natural state that the body and dip into and out of when it needs to … this is called metabolic flexibility! I'll provide more info on this topic next week :D

Thinking of trying the Ketogenic approach out and want to discuss further - feel free to contact me!

Remember to keep sending in your questions for Friday's reader Q&A!

Stay healthy, stay safe!



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