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Let's magnify discipline...


/‘disiplin/ Noun: The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behaviour

This week’s topic of self-discipline is around taking ownership for your goals and directing your lifestyle in accordance with them.

The goal, be it a photo shoot, competition, holiday, wedding day etc should have the same mental focus and energy applied.

Self-discipline goes hand in hand with last weeks post around making changes to your thought process. I have taken two facets to discuss today and then some action steps to help with your goal:

1. Mental toughness: Decide what you want to achieve and by when, write the goal down, identify the action steps you need to take to get you there. Make yourself accountable with someone - your coach., your partner and then keep your focus on the goal, don’t shirk your responsibility and stay disciplined!

2. Detachment: At periodic intervals, maybe fortnightly, detach yourself and view your progress, assessing where you are on your journey, looking at the situation objectively - are you on track? Do you need to change any of the underlying actions identified? again, seek out your partner, coach and identify where you are on your timeline - on track through your own mental toughness and discipline - you will face challenges and obstacles, if it was easy then everyone would be ? (fit, strong, lean, not embarrassed to go swimming with their kids - add your own objective).

As far as actions are concerned, here are a few that I ensure are built into my clients routines that test their self discipline:

1. Go to bed at the same time each night, sure there will be times when this is not possible but on the whole your self discipline should not be tested too much with this one.

2. Set aside 10 minutes when you wake to practice breathing while focusing on your goals - relax and reset the min on your objectives - you will be surprised how mush this will help you maintain self-discipline.

3. Ensure you maintain movement throughout the day, keep those steps up around 10,000 and take regular walks. Movement is key to your future health and well-being

Set those goals, write them down, remain accountable and realise your dream.

That's it for this week, feel free to provide feedback, contact me for further info.



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