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No gym? No problem!

Don't be the hamster on the wheel.

A common myth I spend a lot of time debunking; the gym/ workouts/ HIT sessions are the key to weight-loss. With over 7 years in the industry, I can 100% guarantee you that this is a complete myth. I've been there and I've done it; taking clients through workouts with the goal of weight-loss. They can be a good tool to use, however, my biggest wins with clients have always come from building healthy daily habits and changing overall lifestyle piece by piece to set up for long-term weight-loss.

Trust me, if you're thinking of driving your weight-loss through daily high intensity workouts alone then you're only heading for one result; complete burnout and fatigue. I've seen it happen first hand and it's a hard hole to climb out of. Don't get me wrong, 2/3 HIT workouts a week really can be a big tool, but: 1) We don't need a gym

2) When you do workout, it really should be only 2/3 times per week So what's the key? Stop thinking you need to 'burn off' calories to undo the food you're eating and become mindful about what decisions you're taking throughout the day to either take you towards or away from your goal. This means thinking about how much low-intensity movement we're getting in (and the key here really is low intensity; steps! Remember slow movement digs directly into body-fat as a fuel source!) It means focussing on food that aligns with our goals, our stress levels, how much sleep are we getting? They're all vital to long-term weight-loss goals.

Prioritise YOU. Focus on nourishing your body, not poisoning it. When you become mindful of your lifestyle (the biggest mover) and start actioning REAL CHANGE, the different factors of weight-loss start to work together. Instead of fighting against each other they complement each-other, and you can build much more momentum for long term success! Not sure where to start? Book in for a call with me here! In health, Joe


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