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Reader Q & A; diet or exercise, grains and movement!

This week's reader questions .. .as always I've chosen the top three I think will be most beneficial to you.

What is more important exercise or diet?

In my opinion diet is the foundation of weight-loss. You become what you eat, and what 'what you eat eats' … the food chain! The first month of my coaching program is solely based around nutrition from this very reason. You CANNOT out-train a bad diet. When we shift our nutrition pattern towards health and fuelling the body with the correct nutrients, weight-loss becomes a whole lot easier. Exercise can be an important factor when trying to reach weight-loss goals, but sessions should be infrequent (2-3 times per week) intense (high effort level) short (30 – 45 mins max) and complementary to an already sound nutrition philosophy.

Why do you avoid grains?

I avoid grains because they are typically a nutrient depleted carbohydrate source. Modern day grains are a very domesticated version on what was once a nutrient dense food. Many of them have been genetically engineered to provide a larger crop, often at the expense of nutrient density. There nothing that grains contain that you cannot get from other food sources with a greater nutrient density... lots and lots of veg!!!

I see you talk about moving a lot … but I don't have time for a long walk every-day?

In this case I would advise splitting up your bouts of movement into smaller manageable pieces. Three bouts of 20 minutes walking can be even more effective than one hour long stroll. If after the hour long stroll you sit in a chair all day with no more movement … you're going the experience the same problems we see with today's modern-day sedentary culture! Splitting your movement sessions up into more frequent bouts can be more manageable and even more beneficial!

Thank you for your questions this week, and I hope my answers have been helpful.

Keep them coming for next Friday's Q & A!

In health,



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