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Sleep & Fat-loss?

Hello! I hope you are all safe and well!

Today I'd like to talk to you about sleep. Is it really that important for fat-loss?

So, what's the deal with sleep and fat-loss?

For billions of years , nearly all life forms on earth have evolved to be biologically in sync with the consistent rising and setting of the sun – this synchronisation is known as circadian rhythm. Which governs our sleeping and waking patterns. When we interfere with this rhythm through digital stimulation and excessive evening light , different waking and going to bed times as well as using an alarm clock, we disrupt many of the processes we depend upon to stay healthy, focused and productive.

Sleep was long thought of to be a passive state, we now understand sleep to be a dynamic process which involves a number of discrete states from light through Random Eye Movement (REM) and into deep sleep. The brain remains active as it floats in and out of these various states, cleaning the brain and repairing damage.

Sleep is a component of proper immune and metabolic functioning, growth, and tissue and muscle repair; that is critical for cognitive and social functioning, memory and emotional well-being – and a good nights sleep leaves you feeling amazing.

In today's hectic world, we sacrifice sleep to squeeze in another hour of Facebook, twitter or the latest Netflix series! The effect of less than optimal sleep can see an increase in appetite, increase in carbohydrate intake and an inability to recover from life's daily stresses.

Studies have shown that appropriate sleep can allow someone to consume a higher amount of calories and still achieve weight-loss. That's how powerful it is.

Maximise sleep, maximise health, maximise weight-loss and maximise your productivity in your waking hours!

Not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Or looking for some direction? Book in with me for a kick-start call here. We can discuss your situation, work out your weight-loss stumbling block and give you your first action step!

In health,



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