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The occasional implementation of short, intense bursts of all out effort can have a more profound impact on overall body composition than cardiovascular workouts lasting several times longer than a set of well executed sprints. Sprinting elicits a spike of adaptive hormones into the blood stream providing an anti-aging effect as well as providing improved resilience to physical, through muscle contractions, and psychological fatigue, allowing you to go longer faster during lower intensity activities. Sprinting strengthens muscles, joints and connective tissue and accelerates fat loss due to the intensity of effort and has an impact on metabolic function for many hours post the workout – if you cannot sprint, there are various options that I advocate to illicit a similar response with my clients – feel free to contact me to discuss.

Adding sprints into your exercise regime is as easy as putting on your trainers, warming up and spending 10 minutes 'over the park' with all out effort. It is worth noting however, to start slowly and increase intensity over time as fitness and heart function improves – maybe starting with brisk hill walking until used to the all out effort.

I like to sprint for around 30 seconds, walk back to the start and go again – I find 6 to 8 sprints is all I need to maintain my cardiovascular fitness and sharpen my midsection. Please listen to your body and don't push through these sprint workout if you have any signs of fatigue or stress – the demands of sprinting on your body are cumulative and could result in a setback to your weight loss and fitness goals if not implemented correctly,

So go grab your trainers, get over the park, start slowly, warm up and undertake a series of performance enhancing, weight loss initiating all out sprints !!

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