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Strength Training

Your body thrives on intuitive, spontaneous and fluctuating workout habits – unless you are training for a particular sport or event. We prescribe workouts that challenge your muscles beyond what they are used to in order to send signals to prompt your genes to make your muscular structure stronger, Workouts should be brief and intense to elicit the hormonal response – challenging your body on a regular basis.

I usually prescribe twice a week workouts designed specifically for your age and body type – even ten minutes, twice a week, within your home can have a substantial effect on your health and appearance.

I design workouts with the push-pull system in mind and working the whole body at each session. Exercises can be undertaken at the gym or in your own home, we are adaptable to suit your needs – even arranging a short workout while you are cooking the dinner, what could be easier and more rewarding?

I believe strength training to be essential to weight loss and improved aesthetics, but they should be enjoyable, easy to undertake and productive. Let us help you design a routine around your lifestyle and goals. You owe it to your long term health - Whats to lose?

Let me help and advise on your lifestyle – be consistent and take back control of your health and lifestyle.

Was this information useful ? Are you optimizing your nutrition exercise and lifestyle to improve your health ? Do you undertake a holistic functional lifestyle ? Let us know – its good to TAWC.

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