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New Client Slots Available! Book your Free Taster Session, Limited Spaces Available.

Results speak louder than words. This is
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If you're ready to...

  • Fully commit to a scientifically backed training program

  • Track daily lifestyle metrics; nutrition, movement & sleep

  • Build a foundation of health, movement and nutrition knowledge on which to build your future

  • Take responsibility for your own health, physique and lifestyle NOW

Then apply for your FREE Taster Now!

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Remove the confusion and frustration.


Not only will you have 1-2-1 evidence based private workouts specifically tailored to your goals, we'll also work on the 'lifestyle stuff''; nutrition, movement and sleep. I'll hold you accountable to real action steps for real results.

If you've failed before, it's not your fault. There's A LOT of BS out there in the health and fitness industry; FADs, 'belly-fat miracles' and 'unknown six-pack supplements'.

With 8 years in the industry I've heard most of them! (Although some do surprise me to this day)

We'll work on real actions steps for real results.

Sessions are based in Meopham, Kent, in my private gym...


More than just 1 hour of PT. Full lifestyle transformation...

Personal Training

  • Weekly 1 hour session including HIT strength & conditioning workout + lifestyle coaching

  • Cloud based lifestyle tracking​; Nutrition, Movement, Workouts, & Sleep

  • Additional workouts programmed when required

  • Weekly action steps to pull you closer to your goals

  • Full nutritional guidance

  • Sleep & stress management techniques

  • In-app direct message support to boost your lifestyle transformation

  • Driveway parking

Ad Hoc Session - £45

1 session p/week - £40 p/session

2 sessions p/week - £35 p/session

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Value. Efficiency. Health. Strength. Weight-loss. Longevity. Sustainability.

We are all born with a recipe of genetic make-up for a fit, lean, strong healthy happy human being. Our genes just need the right inputs!

Limited Spaces Available. Don't Miss Out.

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