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Sports Massage Therapy
Promote Recovery. Maintain Performance. Prevent Injury.

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Who is Sports Massage For?

Sports massage therapy isn't just for hard training athletes. You may be experiencing lower back pain from a desk job, tight hamstrings from Sunday league football, neck tension from daily life stress, or looking to maintain your performance in the gym; Sports Massage Therapy can help. 

Typical applications of sports massage therapy:
- Promote recovery of soft tissue

- Maintenance of performance (athletic, sporting or gym)

- Prevention of injury

- General muscle aches and pains

- Headaches from neck, head and shoulder tension

- Neck and lower back pain from a desk job

- Tight shoulders from racket sports

- Pain from poor posture

- Scoliosis or Lordosis

- Recurring injury due to posture compensation

- Preparing for a Sporting event (Pre-event sports massage)

- Recovering from a Sporting event (Post-event sports massage)

What is Sports Massage Therapy?


Deep massage to alleviate discomfort and tightness within the body's soft tissues; muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue. This can be caused by anything from poor posture, repetitive daily stressors, or chronic sporting injuries

How Does Sports Massage Therapy Work?

Sports Massage Therapy works on your body's relaxation and mechanical response:

Relaxation response: During a massage, changes in your parasympathetic nervous system occur; your breathing and heart rate slow, your muscles begin to relax, and your blood pressure decreases: serotonin is released, increasing positive mood and thoughts.

Mechanical response: Massage increases circulation (lymph and blood) and relaxes tissue: improved circulation can decrease swelling and inflammation in soft tissue; as muscle tissue relaxes, muscle contractions and spasms are decreased; an increase in circulation and relaxation of muscle tissue decrease pain. This promotes healing and recovery!

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