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Nature or Nurture?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Last week we looked at Epigenetics, this week we ask the question: Nature or nurture?

Genetic defects only affect 5% of the population, this means that 95% are genetically healthy!

Without changing the underlying genetic code, the epigenome interacts with the DNA and changes how some genes are expressed. The epigenome reacts to your diet and environment throughout your lifetime. Note - the expression of your genes is modifiable.

If your environment is problematic - poor diet, suffering from environmental toxins, lack of sleep, little exercise, lots of stress etc - you are likely to exceed your ability to adapt and may eventually develop health issues.

Whatever health issue you may have (arthritis, diabetes, allergies etc) is seen by a nutritional therapist as the consequence of your environmental load exceeding your genetic ability to adapt. Your expression of genes is modifiable, the way you change your expression is by changing the chemical environment in which your genes bathe.

One important area to review, is the role of oxidents known as free radicals - molecules that are constantly being generated within our body and within the environment by toxins such as heavy traffic, industrial toxins, poor diet and smoking.

More about free radicals and how we combat them next time.

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