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“I have been working on my weight and fitness goal with Joe since March 23. With his guidance I have lost a total of 31.9lbs (Mar-July). Joe is really professional, knows his stuff and is such a positive influence! We have a such a laugh during our sessions. I have no doubt Joe will get my weight and fitness level to the point I want it to be, at far quicker than I ever imagined possible! Honestly changed my life for the better and as a result also my families life, we are now that active, adventurous family I always wanted us to be! Couldn't ask for more! Thank you!! :)”


2 Stone in 12 weeks !!!

" I've always been a firm believer that we meet people in life for a reason, we learn something from them. 

I came across Joe’s Facebook post, one-night lying on my son's bedroom floor. I took his number down but it took until the following week  to text, again while lying on my son's bedroom floor I sent a message. We arranged a call, I knew from the minute I spoke to Joe I wanted to change. 

Almost reaching 40, I knew I had to make changes my mental health was at rock bottom. ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I have ever made was signing up to the 12 week program.  

Joe never sugar-coated it, it would be hard, day 1 severe headache due to sugar detox!!! I've never looked back! 

He's changed how I look at food, my mindset is totally different! I always wanted to be the person who could choose if she wanted a sweet or piece of cake or not, and guess what I'm that person now. 

Throughout the 12 weeks, Joe was constantly supporting always answering my random questions. The weekly skype calls where invaluable I came off each week buzzing and wanting to change. 


One of the biggest things I'll forever be grateful to Joe for is believing In me and making me see I can do anything I put my mind to. I've lost 2 stone and it's still coming off. 

Best money I ever spent!!!! 


Joe is inspirational!!! "



Pete Transformation.jpg

“I discovered The Ancestral Wellness Coach (TAWC) website from a Google search as I wanted to find a ‘Personal Trainer’ who wouldn’t be a stereotypical drill sergeant and just scream at me to undergo extreme exercises that I physically wouldn’t be able to do.


I have had knee deficiencies in both knees since my teens and have had lower back surgery in 2004. I suffer from a large hiatus hernia and now bowel problems solely due to my unhealthy lifestyle. It’s an absolute miracle how I haven’t become diabetic! I really need to lose weight and become healthier on advice from my doctor; at 54 I shouldn’t be suffering these problems, so I decided that I would invest money in myself and place my faith and health with Joe, and I am very glad I did.


Many PT’s that I have been with in the past have just discounted my ailments and had dismissed my physical limitations as “just excuses”. It was extremely refreshing to speak with Joe who assured me the 12 week program was completely different.

I brought into the TAWC ethos of the triad of movement, mindset and nutrition but had no idea that the nutrition would be exactly that; only eating the foods that would benefit the body and mind and to a certain extent, detox the body and repair the damage caused by everyday foods that we take for granted.


The initial learning around what I could and shouldn’t eat was a little difficult as I didn’t fully understand why certain foods were removed, but Joe was always available to talk me through it, not only that but explaining exactly why we were removing harmful foods and what effect they had on the body. He is extremely well educated as to the Science behind it all and this I found very reassuring and interesting.


It really wasn’t long before I got my head around what to eat and my wife and I really started to enjoy the food we were eating. We are Pescatarians so do not eat meat, and we loved all the fresh fish and vegetables that we were now eating every day, creating some really tasty, filling and nutritious meals.


After spending nearly 20 years on and off at a well known national slimming organisation (but still being 21 Stones), I found it a very strange concept that I could now eat full fat butter, milk, cream, extra virgin olive oil, nuts and avocados, among others!


I have always “loved my grub” and would have no problem downing a three course meal and still snack later in the evenings. I am happy to say that TAWC program has prepared me mentally with many coping mechanisms in order to overcome those “oh sod it” moments or slipping back into my bad habits around food.


I joined the Ancestral Wellness program during the Covid-19 lockdown so my calls with Joe had to be done remotely via Skype which wasn’t a problem at all. Joe was always proactive in texting every day and offering support during my difficult moments, especially with my mental health as I have also been diagnosed with depression.


I have just completed my 12 week program, and I have lost nearly two and a half stones in weight and lost over 10cm from my extremely large stomach. I am no longer extremely out of breath when tying my shoe laces or by walking briskly. I very much enjoy walking now whereas before it was a real chore to get myself out there. I now relish the beautiful countryside as this not only makes me healthier but also lifts me mentally and spiritually.


I now feel as if my whole mindset has changed in relation to food and movement. Since finishing the program, my wife and I had a virtual dinner party via Zoom where our friends, my wife and I ordered in an Indian takeaway from our respective local restaurants and ate the meal together whilst on Zoom. As normal, I kept the leftover curries and all the lovely extras in readiness to eat the next day; the old me would have reheated it all and scoffed the lot! Happily, Joe has changed my mindset completely as I just returned to my “baseline” nutritious eating the very next day and felt great for doing so. The leftovers were thrown into the food recycling bin.


Make no mistake, Joe Deverell is an incredible Personal Trainer and in all my years have not met a more enthusiastic, knowledgeable and more affable gentleman and I would gladly recommend his Ancestral Wellness program to anyone (as I do readily when people comment on how well I am looking).


Thank you Joe!


In wellness,


Pete Starkey”



As I moved into my 40’s I was resigned to the fact I would never be the weight I was when I was younger.  I was now 14 stone 9lbs, the heaviest I had ever been.


My issues with food where very deep, through my teens and 20’s I would binge, starve and repeat. Thats kinda all I knew. Plus if I am honest my down right laziness to really do anything about it, as I had a terrible repeating cycle of committing to “be good” on Monday and when I wasn’t I would tell myself “try again next Monday’!


So what changed you ask?


At the start of the year I had a works photograph taken and it shocked me to see how I looked, totally not what I thought I looked like. I thought that I had to do something about it. Being in my 40’s, feeling unhealthy and thinking about how my Dad had died quite young I thought its now or never.


Not long after this Joe popped up on my Facebook offering a consultation... I thought why not, even though my brain was saying ”nothing will change but its an hour of my life”


Its very important to know that I have (had) NO willpower... at all!

As soon as I had spoken to Joe I knew he could help me, not just with my weight as I needed far more help than just losing weight. I needed a mind shift and once that started it lead to a big success: New found confidence in myself, belief I can achieve and I am a person of worth.


I fully committed to the program from day 1 and pushed through when things got tough, the first 2 weeks I had headaches everyday, which I believe was processed sugar withdrawal. This was a time I could have easily have given up but its important to keep telling yourself why you are doing this. Plus in the first 4 weeks I lost 1 stone! Successes like that drive you on...


My first holiday under my new lifestyle would be a challenge but Paris was a huge success story ... I used all I had learnt and found I didn’t have to think too much about food choices.


I had headaches for the first two weeks as my body changed and adapted. I also had cravings ... positive self talk helped these, plus seeing the results early on pushes you forward and I began to discover my superpower... WILL POWER!


I still get days when I crave, usually if I am very tired, as any person would ... but stress management helps! Take a step away from the situation. 

Early on in the program I  had a weekend away and kinda fell off the wagon ... but learned a lot from it, and in-fact it taught me that the process was working and in a few days I was back on track!


There are a number of highs but the biggest is learning I have will power ... a lot of it! That led to self confidence and a belief in myself that I wasn’t the worthless person I thought I was. There has been a huge mindset and mentality shift, I have the knowledge to take forward and sustain my new lifestyle and well-being.


When I look at my before and after photographs I am in total shock! I still can not believe ive made such a change, even though it is staring back at me.... But I could not have done any of this with out Joe! He is genuinely passionate about helping people and I can not thank him enough for his enthusiasm, belief and knowledge. I can not recommend Joe highly enough if you want to make a positive change in your life.


I would also like to thank Johnny and my family for there support, as the people around you have to help you as much as you need to help yourself."




I have changed my life around thanks to Joe. With lifestyle, with outlook of getting fitter, with eating and also resting at the right time Joe has the ability to motivation me to my maximum every session. I still have a long way to go and see at the end of the year 
Thanks Joe

19 stone

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14 stone 12


“I've been training with Joe for 4 months now and can honestly say he knows his stuff. Training and eating well is the key and Joe can guide you on both subjects. Joe's has helped me lose nearly 2 stone and I feel and look better for it. Thanks Joe and keep up the good work.. 👊🏼”



I had not exercised or played sport for my entire adult life, and had no intention to do so , my diet was at best expensive crap and with the addition of a sedentary job and 30 cigarettes a day , future health beyond 50 was hardly guaranteed,

Deciding to have a go , and maybe lose a stone brought me into contact with Joe Deverell, the simple short and efficient workouts and easy enjoyable diet plans inspired me to continue to take my fitness and health management to a new level.

Throw away anything the health mags videos and fitness industry has ever told you and follow the primal route , provided to us through evolution, Joe will take you on this journey in a supportive unbiased way , make the commitment it’s your natural path.

My personal journey has taken me from 16stn 9 lb to a current weight of 11-6 , reduced body fat bmi and resting heart rate of 49 in less than 1 hours exercise a week , it’s your choice to make the right choice.

primal client success
primal client success
primal client success
primal client success
primal client success
primal client success


Thanks to Joe for the sessions, and encouraging me to maintain my workouts independently. Without the help i need, its easy to let it got and lose the impetus!! Cheers!!



I used to weight 16 stone and struggled to find motivation to get up and go to the gym. Until I had one PT session with Joe Deverell in my first session not only did he make me feel comfortable but he made me feel like I could do anything. We went through how much weight I wanted to lose, nutrition and set up a plan. After regular training and sticking to my nutrition within three weeks I had lost a stone in weight and gained so much confidence. Every training session I would do new work outs which would target different muscle groups and fat areas as well as the knowledge of how to work a muscle properly and the science behind it. I have lost a total weight of 1 stone and 8 pounds and it has been down to joe giving me the motivation and confidence to be able to believe in myself. Absolutely brilliant personal trainer and a human being.


I started training with Joe in April 2018 and I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I have made. In the past 3 months Joe has pushed me to my limit and the results i can see on my body and overall health has been fantastic. I am lifting weights that I never knew was possible, my level of fitness has increased greatly and my endurance keeps on getting better. Joe is an expert in his field, knows a great deal about the human body and nutrition and his expert advice has also helped me with the kinds of food I eat which has helped contribute to my overall health. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my physique and it’s all down to Joe’s guidance and encouragement. I will recommend Joe to anyone who is in need of a fantastic, dedicated and friendly personal trainer. So long as you are equally ready to put the work in, you will be a good fit.


I can’t exactly remember when I starting training with Joe but it must have been the latter part of 2016. In any case, after spending a significant amount of time researching personal trainers within in my area, I was really glad when I spoke to him about it and it turned out he was a trainer and we started working together. My goal was tone up and shred some weight as well and Joe, was able to map a plan that ensured I reached that goal within a short time. I am someone who used to regularly visit the gym prior to PT session however, I really got to put in real hard work when training with Joe, due to the paces he puts you through and encouragement. Like the famous saying goes, no pain no gain.

Well it’s been 2 years and even though I do take breaks from our PT sessions, I always reach back out to Joe once I am ready to book more training. That goes to show that if isn’t broke don’t fix it. Not only is a great trainer, he also provides awesome advice on how to achieve your goals even outside of the gym (i.e. nutrition). He is also very friendly and professional and quite understanding/flexible when it comes to moving sessions around. I have come to see Joe not only as a trainer but also as a friend because even when I attended sessions when I had personal issues with work, he still managed to find a way for me to try and focus on my work outs but at the same time listened to some of my rants regarding work.

It's quite simple really, if you are looking to get your intended results and are not afraid of hard work then, Joe is the man to get you there.


'5 days to go until Thailand and cannot thank Joe enough for all of it! All the early mornings have paid off massively and I'm beach ready 5 months down and more to go when Im Back!!!'



" I’ve been training with Joe since February 2016, best decision I’ve made. I’ve lost over 20lbs since starting my personal training, which has boosted my confidence as well as my fitness levels, I love that each session is designed for me and my strengths. Joe has given me eating plans and nutritional advice which is great, he is always available if I need extra advice.
So if your looking for a friendly intense personal training session then I highly recommend Joe. I have and will continue to recommend Joe to my family and friends "

primal client success
primal client success

Dr Jane Stevens

“ I started working with Joe as I prepared for my first triathlon. I followed a 12-week programmme with weekly strength sessions with Joe in the gym. My fitness and strength improved dramatically, way more than I had anticipated. I got lots of compliments about weight loss and improved physique, but for me it was all about a personal performance goal and I’m not sure I would have got there without Joe.


It is obvious that Joe has tremendous knowledge and experience of the science behind personal training and nutrition; he made me work hard in the sessions, but he was always encouraging and supportive.


Joe pushed me to my limits, but I always felt safe, and remained injury free, despite the intensity of the training. I really enjoyed every session, and was delighted with the result we achieved together.


If you have a personal fitness goal, I would highly recommend Joe as your trainer”

primal client success


July 2016

primal client success
primal client success

"I started working with Joe in October 2016, once a week, every week. He has provided me with nutritional advice as well as a developing training regime, increasing with intensity each week to help me achieve my fitness goal. Since October, I have lost over a stone in weight and my muscle and strength capacity has increased dramatically. Had someone told me I would be lifting 60kg, running at a ridiculous speed on the treadmill and pulling my own body weight, I would have laughed so hard!  At every session, Joe's motivating attitude pushes me past every barrier and I reach a new personal best. Don't get me wrong, I tend to fluctuate with my weight but Joe knows exactly what to do to get me back on track. Best thing I ever done to get my body into shape!"

July 2017


So I got to the age of 32 without ever really having to try at keeping the weight off. Being naturally quite slim gave me the view I could eat what I liked....

But when I started my own business that I realised how important diet and exercise is and how not caring about it affects your whole life.

Working with Joe, as well as on my mindset and approach to life, helped me transform. I never wanted to get a PT because when I’d seen them in the gym the intensity scared me! Joe is amazing, on my first session, he took me on the pads to do a circuit of boxing and from then I knew he was a great value to my life.

Joe constantly pushed: me to box for longer, helping me with my technique, increasing my reps and weights. I never thought I would be able to squat with the weights bar and now I squat with more than half my body weight. My confidence in general life has increased ten fold and I honestly I think is hugely attributable to efforts in the gym.

Joe is very genuine and sincere, but above all he understand it’s a life style choice and not a diet, so works with you to educate you, to make sure you stay on track long term.

I would recommend anyone (near or far) if you want to change, get in touch with Joe - you won’t regret it.

Christina wanted to improve strength, to
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