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Updated: Apr 18, 2019




  1. a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being

Superfoods are great to include in your nutrition strategy. They provide great benefits, but dont think you can rely on superfoods to cover all of your needs, they supplement an already great strategy!

Spirulina This superfood is a protein rich, environmentally friendly micro-algae. Due to its absorptive properties, spirulina is considered an ideal food for the removal of toxins such as heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium irons. Spirulina, as noted in a number of studies is anti-inflammatory as well as anti-hypertensive.

Bee products Apiculture, the science of bee keeping, has contributed to the field of nutrition through products like bee pollen, royal jelly and that old favourite, honey. Bee pollen, gathered from flowers and mixed with nectars contain high concentrations of polyphenols. The nutritional composition has been linked to a number of therapeutic studies including an anti-inflammatory and an anti-biotic.

Camu-camu berry The Camu-camu berry is one of the highest known sources of vitamin C in nature, with concentrations 0f up to 2.28g per 100gram of fresh weight - some 45 times higher than found in oranges. Not yet fully commercialised, look out for this superfood as it hits the health food shops.

Seaweed A staple in Asian cuisine, seaweed is growing in popularity in the health conscious western world - we use dried seaweed as a sprinkle on our salads, Seaweed is used to describe algae, marine plants and sea vegetables such as kelp, dulce and sea lettuce. Some of these seaweeds are used to roll sushi, while others are consumed in soups, stews and in salads.

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