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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

A key factor in taking back your health is movement – gradually increasing the time you are out of the 'predominant' sitting position, be it at your work desk or on the couch, moving around without strenuous activity.

During a walk, your heart and energy systems work a 'little harder' than at rest, this provides a myriad of benefits which include the following four components:

Improved Fat Metabolism: With a higher metabolic rate due to walking, the body utilises fatty acids for fuel when following our nutrition plan – instead of burning glucose from carbohydrates.

Stronger Immune System: By improving the circulatory system, you enhance the function of the immune system – an important factor when taking back control of your life.

Improved Cardiovascular System: By increasing your blood vessels that supply muscles with food and oxygen you improve the mitochondrial function within the cell and increase the stroke volume of the heart.

Increased Energy Throughout The Day: Increasing your base level fitness through walking will allow you to improve posture, strengthen bones, tendons, ligaments in a stress free environment before leading onto any potential higher impact related exercises – leading to increased energy throughout the day.

Let us help and advise on your lifestyle – be consistent and take back control of your health and lifestyle.

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