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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Interestingly, there are many recommendations for hydration from many different sources on the internet from“drink eight cups of water a day'' to “drink a bottle of energy fluid during your workout.

Lets start by saying the body has an amazing ability to let you know when it needs more fluid – you get thirsty ! This is driven by your kidneys and endocrine system regulating the amount of water in the blood – amazing, and these systems generally run without any issues, we obtain hydration through our normal fluid intake with a small amount via the food we consume.

Fluid intake should be undertaken via a combination of water and herbal teas, as opposed to sugary drinks and high levels of caffeinated drinks. By adding a pinch of high quality salt (Himalayan pink mountain for example) and a squeeze of lemon juice to your water in the morning will help prime your body for the day and increase the acidity of your stomach in preparation for breakfast. Continue to sip water throughout the day and consider changing afternoon hot or sugary drinks to herbal teas – many quality teas are now available to suit all tastes.

So, obey your thirst until you are ready to undertake strenuous training or live in a warm climate when a more regimented 'hydration regime' will be called for. As a side note, any females reading this should be mindful of how hydration needs vary according to their menstrual cycle.

Let us help and advise on your lifestyle – be consistent and take back control of your health and lifestyle.

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