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Education is not enough for fat-loss ...

Education to create a change that leads to fat loss is clearly not enough. Media talks to us all the time about counting calories, increasing exercise, moderating drinking and stopping smoking – we all potentially know what we should be doing but its difficult just to apply this education without additional stimulus.

I believe we need three key psychological effects in order to bring about the change required in our mindset as follows:

1. Autonomy: We need to create a change in thinking and rather than being ‘told’ to do something we really WANT to do it.

2. Confidence: We must feel good about doing it

3. Relentless: We must be encouraged and continue to pursue the change.

We therefore, embed these three ‘programs’ into our psychology and see a real change in behaviour. So, knowledge does not translate into behaviour change, education assists us but we need to raise our thoughts and consciousness one meal, one-day, one week at a time. Be consistent with these values and change will come as will the person you want to be.

Hope this helps re frame your thinking – feel free to contact me for more info on my various programs.


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