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Fitness trackers, fat-loss magic?

Fitness trackers are currently a huge part of the fitness industry, but are they worth the investment? Do they help you burn fat?

High on my list of priorities for long-term fat burn is ‘accountability’. Accountability keeps you on track through challenging times, and it’s the reason a lot of my clients stay with me long-term. Fitness trackers provide an excellent source of accountability. Visualising your activity level gives you a fantastic indicator of your daily movement, and for those of you following this blog you’ll know how important lots of low intensity movement is for fat-loss! That’s your fat burning golden time! Trackers help you stay on track with steps; a good indicator of this low intensity movement.

How accurate they are with other tracking metrics such as sleep and peak heart rate remains to be studied, with some citing huge under and over estimates from the devices.

Personally I use a simple fit-bit for tracking my low level movement throughout the day in the form of steps. Whether In physique competition prep or a muscle gain phase I always try and keep steps high for health and minimising body fat levels.

Do you use any fitness trackers? What’s your experience with them? Do they help you?

If you’re struggling with your own accountability drop me an email to book in for a chat!

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