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The Power of Habit

Habits add up to form what we call our lifestyle. If we were to break down that lifestyle it would separate into small daily tasks and things we do; our habits. A habit is formed from two principles; the trigger and the response. The trigger sets the wheels in motion for the response. For example, we get to work in the morning and we have our cup of coffee. The trigger is arriving at work and the response is having a cup of coffee. It could be feeling stressed and reaching for an unhealthy snack; the stress being the trigger and the unhealthy snack being the response. As I've written about in depth before; long-term weight-loss requires altering these habits slowly but surely to set us up for the future. No fads, no quick fixes, but LONG-TERM SUCCESS. So how do we start? We break the feedback loops one habit at a time. I'm a big fan of writing stuff down and making it physical. So write down your daily habits that come to mind. Then scroll back up your list and pick one habit to begin with this week. Just one you can take an actionable step in making healthier and bringing us close to weight-loss. If we take the above example of stress eating, instead of reaching for the unhealthy snack have some nuts or berries on hand. Change the feedback loop and re-take control! Not sure where to start? Feeling overwhelmed? Or looking for some direction? Book in with me for a kick-start call here. We can discuss your situation, work out your weight-loss stumbling block and give you your first action step! In health, Joe


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